Update – Hempchain™ Meetup

Last week, I attended a Meetup here in Austin about the convergence of blockchain and the CBD/Hemp Industry.

(No, this is not what a Hempchain™ Meetup looks like.)

Quick note: there is a difference between CBD and marijuana. There is a difference between hemp and marijuana. Do your own research to understand the difference.

Presenter Mark Morris, creator and CEO of Hempchain™ technology, discussed some of the incredible opportunities and roadblocks the industry faces. Infrastructure and a reliable supply chain aren’t available now in the United States. Mark hopes that using his blockchain technology, Hempchain™, it may solve some logistics problems (that’s what I surmised from this meetup).

According to a Texas Department of Agriculture website, the application process to grow hemp (not marijuana) will start sometime in 2020. One of my relatives owns acreage in South Texas that isn’t producing a lot of revenue. Perhaps I can convince them of a new crop to grow there. 😉

In the meantime, I will continue research into the hemp industry and blockchain. I’ll keep y’all updated.

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