Quick Update – My Visit to Newchip

I visited the Austin office of Newchip this afternoon. Every Tuesday in July, the office will have a free co-working event, and so I decided to stop by and say hello.

Newchip, according to their page, is about focusing on product development, as well as ” … fundraising, negotiating, partnerships, and scaling revenue …”. I’ve done a bit of research on firms such as Newchip, and it is one of the few I’ve found that has such an extensive accelerator program for startups, and the only one I’ve found so far in Austin.

This appears to be a great place for startups that are just beginning their venture. There is a general work space open regular business hours Monday through Friday. There are also dedicated desks and small offices that are open extended hours.

Kim, the receptionist, was kind enough to offer me a quick tour of the place. I liked that it was a “lean” working environment without it feeling spartan.

Next week, I have a short telephone meeting with a Newchip representative. We’ll go over the various accelerator programs they provide and see if my company is a good fit. I’ll keep you updated!

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